"Of the four powerhouse performances, Scott Moreau's portrayal as Johnny Cash gives Million Dollar Quartet its heart and soul. Not only does he conjure the deep, warm baritone of the Man in Black, he gives a haunting portrayal of an artist on the verge of making the life-changing decisions of the path his career would take. His renditions of 'Sixteen Tons,' 'I Walk the Line' and 'Riders in the Sky' were soul-stirring."

- Theodore P. Mahne,  The Times-Picayune

"[Million Dollar Quartet] benefits enormously from Maine native Scott Moreau, who portrays Johnny Cash. Performing “Folsom Prison Blues,’’ “Sixteen Tons,’’ “I Walk the Line’’ and “Ring of Fire,’’ Moreau channels the Man in Black and then some. He unleashes a voice that possesses not just Cash’s deep, rumbling, sepulchral timbre but also an astonishing power. This guy seems like he could knock down a brick wall just by singing at it. In the nonmusical moments, Moreau captures Cash's solitary quality, the way he had of seeming to lose himself in an interior world."

- Dan Aucoin, Boston Globe

"Scott Moreau, who played Johnny Cash, had such a convincing crooning voice that when he began his first song, people cheered. His bass notes were so incredibly warm and all consuming that I was overwhelmed, not only by his similarity to Cash, but by the vastness of his range and abilities."

- Alex Lonati, Broadway World Boston

"Scott Moreau (Johnny Cash) hits those deliciously deep bass notes with aplomb"

- Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

"Scott Moreau performed as Cash, in a performance that very much simply is Cash. From vocal impression to physical movement, Johnny Cash is on the stage, and the audience does not forget it. Moreau inhabits Cash's part perfectly..."

- Marakay Rogers, BroadwayWorld.com

"Moreau's bass vocals on 'Walk the Line' are eerily accurate, and his attitude is more jovial than... the oft stereotypical image of the Man In Black."

- Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly

"Scott Moreau, wearing Johnny Cash's traditional black garb, is gifted with a deep rich voice perfect for Cash classics such as 'Folsom Prison Blues'"

- Mary Damiano, Florida Theatre on Stage

"Scott Moreau lends his rich baritone to Cash hits like Folsom Prison Blues, Sixteen Tons, and I Walk the Line"

- Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"Scott Moreau brings strong vocals to Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'I Walk the Line.'"

- Pam Harbaugh, Brevard Culture

"Scott Moreau's Sam Phillips (which was a seemingly last-minute stand-in for usual lead Christopher Ryan Grant) was... on-point. His struggle between staying a big fish in a small pond or moving to a cushy job in a New York skyscraper was heartfelt and touching, while continuing his alter-ego of a successful one-man-band company."

- Sara Boyd, CBS Minnesota

"'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' could very well be subtitled 'The Unforgettable Johnny Brown'."

"Scott Moreau is terrific in the role of Johnny Brown. His booming voice takes command of such numbers as 'Colorado, My Home' and 'I'll Never Say No' - not the most memorable songs penned for the stage, but Moreau makes them so while they last. Even his speaking voice dominates the house."

"Small wonder that Molly has trouble getting Johnny out of her mind. If Molly Brown is a feisty firecracker, Moreau is dynamite, blowing the production away."

- Stephen Koffinger, Lancaster Sunday News, May 8, 2011

"For all that the show is titled 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown,' Moreau (Johnny 'Leadville' Brown) stirs the crowd the most by belting out ballads in a voice that spreads over the cavernous theater like honey. Although Moreau has been in more than 30 Broadway Palm productions, this might be the first one in years to showcase his voice to such a degree. You knew he could sing - you didn't know he could sing like this."

"Scott Moreau, well, he sings, and the audience just listens."

- Chris Silk, Naples Daily News, February 2011

"The stark contrast with Fagin was the character of Bill Sykes played by Scott Moreau, whose first entrance at the beginning of the second act leaves the audience's bones cold. Moreau's powerful voice and eyes pierce through the auditorium's silence."

- York County Coast Star, July 2004

"Moreau plays (Sky) Masterson perfectly: suave, with a wide streak of decency underneath."

- Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly, January 2008

"Scott Moreau (Sky Masterson) and his robust voice is King."

- Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, May 2008

"As Johnny Guitar, Scott Moreau exploits the comic value of a deadpan delivery puntuated by strategically arched eyebrow"

- Len Fonte, Syracuse Witness, Aug. 27 2009

"Scott Moreau's Johnny Guitar is just the right mixture of suave and hokey as Vienna's long lost love."

- Curtain Up, July 2007

"Scott Moreau, the Johnny (Guitar), is a beautiful man. He has the looks and voice of a superstar... and on the rare occasions when he smiles (this is all in character, by the way) it is with a wry sensibility."

- Peter Bergman, July 2007

"'Folsom Prison Blues,' performed by Scott Moreau, does work. He's able to give it the grit and menace it deserves. This 'Ring of Fire' has its moments - any time Mr. Moreau sings."

- Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly, April 2010

"Of the eight cast members who sing Cash hits, Scott Moreau... captures the fire and edge of the real thing. His singing and his stage presence create a persona that hints at the darker side the show's creators tried to downplay."

- Drew Sterwald, Ft. Myers News-Press, April 2010